Thank you, little one

To the littlest bean in my life, the one growing at a rapid rate inside of my uterus, thank you. You are being so kind to me. No morning sickness. Only a desire to sleep a bit more than usual, but that I can do (easily!). Please keep this up. I'd love to avoid morning sickness again.

In other news, there was a minor insurance snafu (that my IPs and I expected), but sadly it happened before my ultrasound that was scheduled for next Monday. So, I had to cancel the ultrasound and then reschedule with a new OB (who may or may not give me an ultrasound). That appointment is on the 22nd, so only two weeks away! Not that long, really.

And the last tidbit of surrogacy news, I was interviewed by a BabiesOnline writer and they published the interview today. Quite a few of you are coming to my blog from that interview. But for those that have not seen it, here it is. An Interview With a Surrogate

I swear my updates/blog entries will become more interesting as time goes on. I am trying to appreciate the dullness of first trimester. Or at least how dull first trimester is for me. It's not exactly dull for the bean, who is growing so incredibly fast! I am getting anxious to begin feeling him or her rolling around. But I have a couple of months to go! I felt my daughter and my surro son at 13 weeks or so, so I am hopeful to feel this one around that time again.

For now, I keep reminding myself, enjoy the dullness, enjoy being able to sleep on your tummy!


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