No one ever said pregnancy was easy.

But so far, my pregnancy has been easy. Granted, I am only 5 weeks along today, but yay, I am FIVE weeks along! Thankfully what isn't going well for me physically has nothing to do with the pregnancy.

Wednesday I decided to be as graceful as I could be (note: I am not graceful) while going down the stairs from my friends apartment. I thought I was done with the steps, but I was wrong and I paid for it! I caught my heel on the last step, rolled my foot inward and then fell on top of my leg/ankle like that. I was in shock for a moment but knew the pain would hit fast, so I limped as quick as I could to my car. I then sat there, brushing myself off and willing myself not to look at my foot. Of course, it was my right leg, so I had to drive home - wincing each time I pushed on the accelerator (I used my left foot for the brake, which I hated doing but it was necessary).

I sprained my other ankle three years ago, and this looked to be a sprain as well. But the pain felt different than what I had remembered. So I went into the doctor yesterday and he said it seemed to be a sprain. We talked a bit, and he decided to do an x-ray just to be sure. Shockingly enough, I broke my ankle. ACK! Everyone was so surprised at the office as was I. So I got a lovely brace to wear on my leg. The dr wanted to prescribe me Vicodin but I told him I'd rather deal with the pain than subject the baby to narcotics. He agreed that was the best idea. :)

In wonderful news, our beta on Wednesday was 760 (I guessed 750!). But today's beta, I was wrong. I guessed 1250, but it came back as... 1706! Much higher than I had anticipated. Normally your hCG (pregnancy hormone) production slows down a bit, which is what was happening for me. But for whatever reason, it decided to speed back up in the past day or two?! I'll take it!

One more blood draw on Sunday (thank goodness, I'm tired of being poked). And then I can call Monday to schedule an ultrasound, which should be for the following week (Oct. 12-16). And I should see a little flickering heartbeat on the ultrasound, since I'll be 6 weeks along. Yay!

I am happy to say that I still do not have morning sickness. I am gaggy a bit here and there, as usual. And my appetite is picking up a bit, which is good. I'm just eating what protein I can stand, since I am still eating so little. I feel great other than the silly looking leg of mine. Haha.


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