I'm sorry, what?

Well, I went in today for my last beta (blood draw). Thank goodness. And this one hurt! I don't think the lab tech was all that skilled in drawing blood. If she's a lab tech, isn't she supposed to be semi-skilled? I usually watch when they jab me and don't feel a thing, but wow, I felt it today. Odd! Maybe my arms are just tired of pokes.

My number Friday was 1,706 and today I wanted around 3,000ish. It's said that once your number reaches 1,000, it should slow down to 72 hours in doubling rate. I called in and just got my number a bit ago. 4,572. What? Yeah. The nurse goes, "It's uh.. rising.. quite nicely.. wow.." LOL! I was thinking about the same thing right then!

I've never heard of a beta slowing down and then speeding up. Usually they just slow down as the numbers go up. But mine slowed down in doubling time and then sped back up. Interesting, I think. But again, I am a numbers geek!

I get to call the OB office tomorrow to schedule my ultrasound for the following week. Fun fun!

Meanwhile, I am still feeling good besides the bloat. I keep having random cravings for sweet things and then salty things. If I could buy a Frosty machine (you know, those yummy Frostys from Wendy's!), I would. Yum.

I still don't feel pregnant. It's just amazing to me even two weeks later (since getting a BFP), that I am pregnant first cycle. I am so excited for my IPs. I cannot even explain the excitement I feel coursing through me when I think of this pregnancy, and the birth and them having their sweet little boy or girl. I am so happy to be doing this again.

We're just watching a bit of football today. I'm more looking forward to tomorrow's game - Vikings vs. Packers! If you don't know, I have a slight obsession with Brett Favre. So I'll be planted on my couch tomorrow evening watching him play his old team. :D No plans for this evening. I am trying to rest my ankle as much as I can, which is difficult being a mom. But it's not hurting much, so that's great.

All in all today is a good day. I'm just stunned about my beta!


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