Numbers numbers numbers.

I went in for my second beta yesterday. After a lot of phone calls and some frustration, the nurse told me it was 98. Awesome! We wanted at least 55ish, so this was great.

The nurse called again today and said it was actually 90, but we'll take 90 - since it's still well above the minimum that we had wanted. They then said I have to go in every 48 hours until my betas reach 2,000+?! I know this is normal for some women, but I've never had to do this before. I don't mind. It just means going into the lab again on Saturday afternoon, Monday and I am sure Wednesday. I wonder when I'll hit 2,000? And then they'll schedule me in for an ultrasound, which I won't bother going until 6+ weeks as that is when a heartbeat can be seen usually.

I'm having a lot of breast tenderness. A lot. And I think they are growing. I do not need growth this early on, but I will take it, of course. I've had some uterine cramping off and on, again a very normal thing to have. I was due for AF yesterday though, so the cramping had me on edge a bit. I am definitely a bit more tired than usual. I am sure my cold is factoring into this a bit, but I think the pregnancy is as well. My appetite is pretty much gone. I get hungry, nothing sounds good, then something does sound good, so I make it and then bam, it looks gross, so I don't eat it. Typical of me! I'm trying to eat small snacks here and there, and I am having no issue keeping up on the water intake, since I'm soooo thirsty.

A & J both know now. (A is over in Iraq, hence the delay in him finding out) I am so glad he knows now as well. It's exciting as my IM is already very involved, wanting to know how things work, etc. I am just not used to IPs being this involved and curious but I am loving it. I don't need best friends in IPs but I do like to have some sort of relationship. Having a business type of relationship just isn't for me personally. And they trust that I know how to do this, that I am taking care of myself and the baby and so on. It's vital for IPs to have that trust in their surrogate, otherwise it can cause issues!

My kids do not know I am pregnant, yet. I will probably tell them when I begin showing somewhat (which will be when I am far enough along that our chance of miscarriage is very small). When I had my surro son, they were not in school, yet. So I didn't have to field as many, "Oh, you're pregnant!" and similar and then having to explain how it's not ours. I am sure this time around, my kids will be telling anyone that listens that the baby is not ours, it's not their sibling, and so on. They remember going through this last time. They don't know any different really, for all they know - all mom's have babies for other people! And the boys don't remember when I was pregnant with their sister, since the boys were 21 months when I delivered her.

So, this should be interesting once again. I don't mind questions from acquaintances and strangers. Some people, I don't bother explaining this to, since I won't see them again. Like when a cashier asks when I am due, I just say when I am due, I don't go into how the baby isn't mine. The cashier isn't that interested and we don't have time to stand there and gab, you know? But people I will see again, they obviously do find out. I don't want anyone seeing me come home from the hospital, obviously having delivered but no baby in my arms. How weird would that be?!

Well, I am going to rest a bit and then begin cleaning house. I think we'll spend most of the weekend cleaning. With all of us being sick for the past 1.5ish weeks, the house isn't looking so hot and it's making me a bit crazy.


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