Dishes and Surrogacy.

Just like my past pregnancies, dishes + me = no bueno. Just rinsing the dishes and putting them in the dishwasher? Oh, help me. I am a gagging fool. I am sure the sounds that come from my kitchen are interesting, to say the least. Doing the dishes has once again become a task that requires more than physical energy, but now mental energy! I sometimes begin repeating to myself, "Think of something else.. sunshine, the kids, their school, cute babies.." It doesn't always work.

I've been asked a time or two, why choose to be pregnant and carry a child for someone else when you deal with morning sickness and other pregnancy related issues? My question is, why not? I may detest the idea of doing dishes, and I may try and convince my husband that he should do them, but ultimately, this is a relatively small issue compared to the pain that infertile couples face.

I like to remind people that when you have a dream, a goal, something you want to obtain - is it always an easy road in getting to it? No. Surrogacy is my dream. Getting to the goal - having a baby for a couple - is not easy. It's not just the pregnancy with the morning sickness and such, it's before that as well - the contract, attorneys, ironing out the littlest of details that you must agree upon and more. When a surrogacy is done properly, it can take a lot of time and energy from the surrogate, her husband and the IPs. If everyone is on board though, they realize that the work will be worth it.

My goal, my dream, my desire - is to help others have what my husband and I had so easily (and what we absolutely do not take for granted). Achieving a pregnancy, going through that pregnancy, having the baby - witnessing that, helping others have this beautiful little being - it is so fulfilling to me, more than words could possibly explain. I tell people all of the time, the IPs are not blessed to have me help them, I am blessed to be allowed to help them. When they involve me in this delicate and intimate process, it takes a lot of trust on their part and mine as well.

So, while gagging and sometimes losing my lunch in the kitchen sink isn't the highlight of my day. I take it. I am thrilled to be here, to be pregnant, to be carrying this little being for these people who are so deserving and wonderful.

I am blessed.


Chantelle & Cyndi our life said...

I belong to the NW forum, I have not been on much, anyway I found your blog there. You seem so amazing. I just had friends that used a surrogate, baby is now 1 month. My DP is pregnant, however I never was able to become pregnant. I think what you are doing is beyond what words can say. Whoever the 2 couples are, they sure are lucky they found you. You are making others dreams come true. You are very special for your selfless act.
First Hope on NW.
Chantelle and Cyndi

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