411. Awesome.

Well, I got up this morning, took the kids into school and made my way over the lab to get my blood drawn. I was still asleep. I sat there in the waiting room, trying to remember what number blood draw this was. I was wanting to eat, wanting to go home and sleep and not wanting to be there. But I was also wanting the result, so alas, I had to be there.

You see, Sunday night, I had some awful cramping. And while I vaguely remember cramping with my prior pregnancies, it's always a bit more worrisome when it is not your own child, for some reason. I lay in bed last night, curled into the fetal position and whining to my husband. He stood there in the doorway of the bedroom, asking me what was wrong. I explained it was my uterus. He said he knew that. Oh. He asked if it was normal cramps due to growth or..? I didn't know. I really dislike early pregnancy. There's no prodding the baby to make him or her move and kick you back. There's no waiting to feel that sensation of him or her rolling around to remind you they are okay.

So, I went this morning for my blood draw. A bit worried, but for the most part, knowing the pea was okay. The draw was put in stat, so I knew I'd be irritating the nurses in one hour from blood suckage. Sure enough, 55 minutes later - I found myself dialing my phone. And five minutes later, I hung up - the draw was still pending. Darn it.

I called back half an hour later, the result was in! BUT the MA (medical assistant) was not allowed to give it to me. Damn it! You see, I lack patience when dealing with stuff like this or have I mentioned this fact already? So, this no longer called for a simple "darn it" I was now upgrading this to a "damn it." She took my name and number to have a nurse call me back.

And I won't admit to what I did an hour later as I sat there staring at my phone, even taking it with me to the bathroom as I went pee for the millionth time this morning. But I will say that my friend, C, who is a fellow surrogate - she had her first surro baby two weeks after I had T (my surro son). Her surro son was born on April 11th, or 4/11. So she jokingly said she guessed 411 and she'd pee her pants if it were 411. And 20 minutes later, the nurse confirmed C's guess - 411. I was in shock that C had guessed, so I asked the nurse to repeat herself and then sort of mumbled "thank you" as I hung up (on her, I am sure).

C & I had a good laugh (and minute or two of shock) at her awesome guess. ;) And then I flew over to betabase and found out, we had a 47.35 hour doubling rate/time - which was awesome.

Meanwhile, I've had very little nausea (thank goodness). My appetite is still lacking, but I will take that. The baby sucks whatever it needs from me, so in the end, I will be the one lacking bone density when I am 60 years old. It's okay. The bloat has started though. For being all of four weeks pregnant, I look further along. Not that I was this stick thin girl to start out with (oh, the days of pre-mommy hood.. I miss you at times..). But my uterus, what is supposed to be the size of a grape approximately, is sure pushing things up and out already. :/ Or maybe it's just that my abs are giving up already.. I'm going with the latter.

I go back for another blood sucking adventure on Wednesday morning. I know I won't go in for an ultrasound until 6 weeks, but I keep this up because as much as I complain, I'm a numbers geek - and it thrills me to hear that this number is going up.. and to know the pea is thriving.


Claire said...

I still can't believe I guessed it right on the nose. What can I say - I guess my surroson is a blessed, lucky guy with an awesome birthdate! :)

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