15 dpo!

Well, today's beta number is 219. This gives us a 39.75 hour doubling rate, which is still well within normal range. :)

Meanwhile, I've realized the antibiotics I was given a week ago are not kicking the infection in my sinuses or my lungs. So, I am hoping a call to the dr tonight or tomorrow will result in them prescribing a new abx for me to pickup Monday. *fingers crossed*

I am otherwise feeling pretty good. Just a touch of nausea here and there, and the appetite is continuously lacking. If these are the symptoms I have for the next 2-3 months, I could deal with that. I'm hoping to avoid actual sickness this time around just as I did with my surro son.

I am off to rest. I slept in this morning thanks to my husband, but my energy is still lacking. So much for cleaning house today. Haha.


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